You are a badass entrepreneur.

But you know you could go



It's time to re-design your life for the next level of success.


I help female entrepreneurs clarify and
step into a life of meaning, connection, authenticity, and success.

You've done your inner work.

You've studied spirituality, romantic relationships, you know all about attachment styles and even TEACH on these topics at times...

Aaaand, you're single.

You created a business that had some success, but you know you could do so much more—be SO MUCH MORE successful.

You've busted your ass, did everything you were supposed to do, and you're still wavering between the ups and downs in romance and business.


I am here to help you finally actually find that perfect partner, grow your amazing company, and stop hustling once and for all.



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'Do BIG Crazy Shit' Coaching Program


Don't wait to love your life.
Grab that bull by the horns and let's ride.